Australian High Commission
United Kingdom
High Commission address: Australia House, Strand, London WC2B 4LA

Adult Passport Renewal check list

Please thoroughly read the following points before posting your renewal form;

The size and quality of your passport photograph is of critical importance. The size of your head in the photograph must comply with Australian passport requirements, which differ from United Kingdom passport photograph standards. Familiarise yourself with these requirements and ensure you submit compliant photos. Your application may be rejected because of unusable photographs. Do not use UK Photo Booths as they are not set to Australian Standards.

Passport Fees and Payment 

Acceptable photographs - Do not use UK Photo Booths as they are not set to Australian Standards

Delivery of passports

Applicants are encouraged to complete the Australian Passport Renewal Application online at or  you can have the partially completed form posted to you by phoning the Passport Office between 0900 and 1200 hours (Monday to Friday) on 020 7887 5816. As you may experience delays in getting through to the operator, you are strongly advised to see if your question can be answered in our FAQs section.


****Please note: If you are using the PC7 Appplication Form for a 'First Adult Passport' this must be lodged in person****


Once you have completed an Australian Passport Renewal Form and if you qualify for postal lodgement please send:


Passport Office
Australian High Commission
Australia House
London, WC2B 4LA


We aim to issue a passport within ten working days or if you pay a priority processing fee, within two working days of meeting our requirements. 

Please write priority processing service on the front of the envelope should you require this service.


Please note that your previous Australian passport will be cancelled and returned to you. You should check the status of any visas in your cancelled passport with the authority which issued them, i.e. the relevant embassy or the Home Office for UK visas as we cannot transfer visas into new passports.