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United Kingdom
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Resident Return Visas

Permanent Residents who have recently departed Australia to the UK or Ireland without a Resident Return Visa (that enables them to re-enter Australia) should make contact with this office as soon as possible and well in advance of their planned return to Australia. This should allow us sufficient time to process the visa application before your return flight to Australia. 

Resident return visa application checklist

  1. Completed Form 1085, see:
  2. Application charge, see current application charges (fees)
  3. Most clients do not need to provide their passport, a copy of the passport biodata page is sufficient.However the following clients should provide their current passport (and their old passport with Australian visa if available): they have not travelled in or out of Australia since 1987; or they hold an Authorities to Return visa (a 'wet stamp" issued between March 1976 and August 1979); or they hold a Return Endorsement visa (a 'wet stamp" issued between September 1979 and December 1986).
  4. Clients who have not spent 2 years out of the previous 5 years in Australia may need to provide additional documentation to the application form. Please refer to the application form for guidance.
  5. Clients who have spent 2 years out of the previous 5 in Australia will not be required to provide any additional documentation.
  6. UK clients proving their passport or other official documents should provide a pre-paid, self addressed special delivery envelope, size C5 large enough for the return of your documents. The London office will make alternative arrangements for the return of documents for clients in Ireland.
  7. If further information is required you will be contacted by an Immigration Officer.